Saturday, September 4, 2010

Discover LinkedIn Groups

While LinkedIn is well known for professional networking, many may be surprised at the plethora of groups covering a wide range of topics. Groups exist for blogging, writing, social media, photography, marketing, nutrition, chefs, foodies, food allergies, gluten-free, Autism, and much more.

Being in a shared group with people makes it much easier to add them to your network.  Joining a city specific group, like Washington DC Connections, ensures local connections.  After joining a group, remember to actively participate, by commenting on discussions.

In June 2010, major updates were made to LinkedIn groups, making them more user-friendly and improving their appearance. In August, improvements were made to the moderation features, helping group managers. Additionally, users can enjoy the new following features to follow both people and companies.

Watch this video for an introduction to LinkedIn Groups and an overview on all the new features. Visit the LinkedIn Learning Center for more instructional videos and tips. Don't miss out on this great resource. Join LinkedIn today!


Georgianna said...

I would have never known that Linked it would have had those groups, thanks!

Dave Berning said...

I am Linkedin and Reading this great blog.


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