Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Pinterest: A Beautiful Gluten-Free World

Pinterest is now one of my favorite sites for gluten-free social networking. The beauty of Pinterest lies in the photos, called pins, which are pinned on bulletin boards. Pinterest is a welcome visual break from the plethora of text on blogs, LinkedIn, Facebook, and even Twitter. It is also one of the easiest sites to learn how to use.

I have been using Pinterest both personally and professionally for many months. As a social media specialist for a food company, it has been extremely effective in reaching our target market. If you are familiar with the term retweeting, then you will instantly understand the concept of repinning.

According to an article in Entrepreneur, Pinterest is "driving more traffic to company websites and blogs than YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn combined." An article in the Huffington Post offers tips for small businesses on Pinterest and provided this useful stat.
"Seventy percent of the site's visitors are women age 25-44, and they spend an average of 15 minutes looking around. If that does not make a small business mind sit up and take notice, nothing will."
Here is a great short video introduction to Pinterest with some handy tips.

So join Pinterest and be sure to follow my boards.
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