Friday, November 13, 2009

Twitter: Gluten-Free Lists, Hashtags, and Beginner Tips

Twitter is one of the best sites to quickly and easily reach many gluten-free people. There has been a significant growth in recent months of people twittering gluten-free. In fact, with the increase of so many gluten-free tweets, it can be difficult to keep up with the information. Fortunately, Twitter recently introduced a new feature called lists. They are a way to locate people to follow and organize followers. Lists make it easier to keep up with the latest gluten-free tweets. There are now many public gluten-free lists on Twitter. Here are three great gluten-free lists. If you are new to Twitter, view these lists to find many gluten-free people to follow.

Hold the Gluten Gluten-Free Peeps

Maryland Celiac Gluten-Free Bloggers

Babitty Happy Gluten-Free

Hashags use the # symbol followed by an abbreviation or word at the end of a tweet, which makes it easy to search for tweets on a certain topic. There has been some confusion over which hashtag is best to use for gluten-free. Some people were using the original hastag, #gfree, while others were using #gf. Now, gluten-free people are retweeting (RT) that it is best to use #gf because it is “shorter & used in real life & mags to mean gluten free”.

Twitter viruses

There are some problems with viruses, especially in direct messages (DM) on Twitter. The most important thing to remember is not to click on links in direct messages, especially when they are about using Twitter to make money. Other times viruses result from clicking the link on an account profile.

Beginner tips

• Watch the Twitter in Plain English video.

• Choose a user name that has gf, celiac, or gluten-free in it. If one of these is not in your user name, then include gluten-free or celiac in your profile description to make it easier to connect with others. People prefer to follow people with a complete profile, so be sure to add a profile photo, location, description, and link to your site if you have one.

• Go to the twitter support site.

• To share links on Twitter, shorten them using or tinyURL.

• Read the Twitter blog.

• To find many other people to follow on twitter, including celebrity chefs and foodies, view the Mashable mega lists.

• Select a button for your blog or website from 181 free Twitter buttons and badges.

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