Monday, October 18, 2010

5 New Gluten-Free Blogs

Visit these new gluten-free blogs to read some great blog posts. With so many gluten-free blogs, blog names are becoming more creative. My favorite name from this list is Goodbye Goldfish.

Jules Speaks Gluten-Free by Jules Shepard

Dish Towel Diaries by Silvana Nardone

Goodbye Goldfish

Gluten-Free Twenty Something

A Modern Guide to Staying Sane Without Grain

To discover more gluten-free blogs, follow this Twitter list as well as this fantastic new listing of blogs from Simply Gluten-Free: The Gluten-Free Global Community.

My estimate based on Twitter and Karina’s Kitchen is that there are approximately 300 active gluten-free blogs and many more that are no longer active. There are currently 212 members of the Gluten-Free Bloggers Network. For help with your blog, read Top 10 Blogging Tips and join the bloggers group on Gluten-Free Faces.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Gluten-Free Tweeting 101: Follow These Easy Steps

These ten easy steps will help you get started tweeting gluten-free. All information is based on using the New Twitter. If you need convincing to start tweeting, read 10 Reasons to Tweet Gluten-Free. Get ready – you are about to enter the exciting and informative universe of Twitter!

Follow gfsocialmedia on Twitter

1. Go to and choose a username that is fewer than 15 characters and has gf, celiac, or gfree in it if you want to make it easier to connect with other gf people. Be creative or simply try gf and the name of the city or state you live in or gf and your first name. If you have a gluten-free blog or website, use it in your username.

2. Follow the initial setup prompts. Don’t worry about finding people to follow. You can come back to that later.

3. Click Profile and then click edit your profile or click Settings from the homepage in the top right corner on the drop down menu under your username and then click Profile. Now complete your profile by:

-Uploading a picture (Any picture is better than the Twitter default image of an egg.)

-Linking to your website or blog if you have one

-Adding a location

-Describing yourself in the bio using keywords such as dairy-free, allergen-free, blogger, writer, mom, celiac, and/or gluten sensitive

4. Click Notices (in Settings) to limit the emails you receive. (I recommend not receiving emails when someone follows you, but receiving emails for direct messages.)

5. Click Design (in Settings) to change the appearance of your page.

6. Type your first tweet by saying something like, “I’m new to Twitter and looking to connect with #gf and #foodallergy people.” If you see negative numbers you have exceeded the 140 character limit and must remove some before tweeting. Click tweet to send your tweet.

Follow gfsocialmedia on Twitter

7. Find gluten-free people to follow by:

-Following these lists as well as the people and companies on them. On the list page, click view all following on the right and then click the box with a plus sign next to each user to follow them. A green check mark will appear when you are following someone.!/MarylandCeliac/gluten-free-bloggers!/list/gfsocialmedia/glutenfreeproducts!/HoldTheGluten/gluten-free-peeps

-Entering a hashtag (#gf, #gfree, #dairyfree, #celiac) in the search box at the very top to find more people to follow.

-From the homepage, clicking Settings and then Find People to search usernames or browse interests.

8. Retweet the tweets you like from the people you are following by using RT @username or simply clicking retweet. When reading tweets, put your cursor over the username and clickable commands will appear at the bottom of the tweet - favorite, retweet, and reply.

9. Use the Twitter glossary for help understanding Twitter lingo and for help with Twitter functions. On Friday, you will see #FF, which means Follow Friday and is helpful in finding more people to follow.

10. Tweet daily and explore messages. Reply to tweets, ask questions, shorten links and share them, and tweet gluten-free products you like.

If you have any questions or experience any difficulties with these steps, tweet me @MarylandCeliac or @gfsocialmedia. You will get a faster response if you use my primary account, @MarylandCeliac or leave a comment here.
Follow MarylandCeliac on Twitter

Friday, October 1, 2010

Locate Discount Codes in Two Clicks

Before you make a purchase on a website or head to a restaurant, click on the company's Twitter and Facebook pages to check for discounts. You don't have to be a registered user of Twitter or Facebook to see these discounts! 

Twitter profiles for companies and their Facebook pages are public, so anyone can view them. If you can't locate the Twitter and Facebook buttons on a website, which are usually very easy to find, simply Google the name of the company and Twitter or Facebook.

Of course, if you regularly follow a company's updates through Twitter or Facebook, you can ensure you don't miss any discount codes and promotions.  These two clicks can potentially result in substantial savings!
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