Saturday, December 12, 2009

Top 10 Blogging Tips

1. Publish frequently.

2. Add a share button and share articles on Twitter, Facebook, Digg, and in yahoo groups.

3. Organize posts with consistent and specific labels.

4. Edit, spell check, and verify that all links work.

5. Moderate comments and require word verification to prevent spam.

6. List your blog in appropriate blog directories and aggregators. Many require a blog to be at least one month old and have a minimum number of posts before listing.

For gluten-free blogs, request to be added to the gluten-free news aggregator as soon as your blog is active. It now takes three to four weeks to be added to it. Foodie BlogRoll and Blog Catalog are good blog directories with many gluten-free blogs listed.

7. Provide email subscriptions using Feedburner.

8. Establish a blogroll and leave comments on other blogs.

9. Set up Google alerts for your topic. This will help you find the latest news and provide ideas for posts.

10. Be creative! Approaching topics from a unique perspective will draw readers and increase comments.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

New Viral Video From BabyCakes

If your company is looking for a great way to create a buzz about a new location or product, checkout this awesome example from BabyCakes. This is their third viral video, and I'm sure it will be embedded on many gluten-free blogs and retweeted frequently on twitter.


Hello December! We're just going to put it right out there: This one is an absolute doozy, and for good reason... we're finally just about almost kind of ready to open up the Los Angeles outpost of BabyCakes NYC! So we called some of our pals and pulled this nifty little item together: There is action, furry Sasquatch, ZZ Top, showgirls, a jacuzzi. There is a farmer and some chickens and a stationwagon. Really there is nothing this thing doesn't have! Brace yourself, Southern California: BabyCakes NYC opens in Los Angeles December 2009 (we're built, just waiting on the final bits of paperwork!!). Probably over-spazzy updates here and here

Animated by Chris Taylor ( ), filmed by Jonathan Miller, edited by Justin Gallaher, title cards and lettering by Bevin McNamara, produced by David Mettler and Chris Cechin. Song is by Lele Buckin'ham.

Good Housekeeping Gluten-Free Video

Sharing videos on You Tube is a popular way to educate viewers, promote products, and attract new customers. Good Housekeeping recently made this gluten-free video, which includes information about celiac disease and a Betty Crocker taste test.

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