Wednesday, April 28, 2010

10 Reasons to Tweet Gluten-Free

Whether you are an individual who eats gluten-free, a person with a gluten-free family member, or a company with gluten-free products, here is a list of reasons to join the fabulous gluten-free community on Twitter. On Twitter, #gf is used in tweets to mean gluten-free.

1. Discover gluten-free sales, coupons, and promotions.
2. Receive answers to questions on a variety of topics, including locating gluten-free restaurants when traveling, stores that carry a specific product, and the gluten-free status of items.
3. Find the latest gluten-free news and blog posts.
4. Connect with gluten-free bloggers, companies, organizations, and consumers.
5. Easily share brief reviews of products (140 characters or less).
6. Get help with gluten-free cooking.
7. Learn about gluten-free events.
8. Establish essential gluten-free support - locally, throughout the country, and in other countries.
9. Instantly inform the public about a positive or negative experience at a restaurant and share photos.
10. Educate others about celiac disease through your tweets!

Twitter is very user friendly and easier to use than Facebook. For help getting started with Twitter, read my article, Twitter: Gluten-Free Hashtags, Lists, and Beginner Tips. Follow these companies with gluten-free products and this list of over 140 gluten-free bloggers and Examiners. Are you ready to enter the world of #gf tweets?

Monday, April 26, 2010

Video: Mac and Cheese Taste Test on the Today Show

Phil Lempert, the Supermarket Guru and Food Trends Editor at the Today Show, mentioned celiac disease and included a gluten-free and dairy-free macaroni and cheese in a segment with many mainstream gluten products. Amy's new gluten-free and non-dairy rice macaroni and cheese is featured at the end of this Today Show video.

Watch Phil's Hit and Misses weekly on ABC and on his website. Last week, he rated Orgran Mini Outback Animals Vanilla highly. From General Mills to major television networks, gluten-free products are going mainstream!

"If you would like Phil to consider your new product for review, please send 4 samples of each flavor you to submit for review, with the suggested retail price and other product information. We regret that we can not review all products submitted. Please send to:

New Product Review
3015 Main Street, Suite 320
Santa Monica, CA 90405

Product reviews are conducted by randomly selecting one flavor of a product and taking into consideration the information available on the package itself as it would appear in the retail environment. Information contained in advertisements or on websites is not taken into account for evaluation or ratings.

Email with any questions and whenever possible please be environmentally friendly when packaging your products."

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Sincere Thank You to Nancy Lapid

I just found out that Nancy Lapid will be leaving Celiac Disease. Fortunately, the site will remain and soon will be seeking someone to replace her. The new writer will certainly have a challenge trying to fill her shoes, but luckily Nancy will provide assistance.

Nancy has made Celiac Disease one of the best resources on the web for accurate, trustworthy, and informative gluten-free articles. I have enjoyed reading her articles and have recommended the comprehensive site to many. If you have a question about celiac disease, it is likely that you will find the answer on her site. After reading some of her many great articles, I wrote a blog post about her terrific work on Celiac Disease.

Thank you Nancy for your countless hours of hard work and dedication to helping to improve the lives of individuals with celiac disease! I truly respect your work and am inspired by your writing. Thank you for your positive comments about my Gluten Free Optimist blog and the many links to it. You will be sorely missed!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tips for Profile Pics

Mashable recently posted “5 Tips for Creating the Perfect Profile Pic”. These tips are from social media experts. One of the most important tips is listed below.

A rule of thumb touched on by many is consistency. Because followers and friends will be looking out for your face first, it’s important that once you find a photo that works, stick with it.”

Many may find this surprising as profile pictures are frequently changed, especially on Twitter and Facebook. So, do not change your profile picture to show off your latest hair style, magazine cover, or new product. Keep that one great image, so people can instantly recognize you when skimming through updates.

If you aren’t a Photoshop user, recommends resizing and editing photos on Picnik, where many basic services are free. Once you are satisfied with your image, you can add Twibbons to it, including a celiac disease ribbon. Change your Twibbons, but don’t change your pic!

Video: Inside the Gluten-Free Bakehouse

This slide show is narrated by Lee Tobin and provides an inside look at the Gluten-Free Bakehouse (Whole Foods Market) in Morrisville, North Carolina. Gluten-free consumers like to see an inside look at companies and products, so this is great free marketing for the Gluten-Free Bakehouse. The video was added to You Tube only three weeks ago, yet it has already been viewed 1,886 times.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Video: Food Tricks for Commercials

This video of a makeup artist for food preparing the perfect burger for a commercial is fascinating. It is a segment from a three part special for kids that aired on HBO in 1990 called "Buy Me That". Whether you are looking to take the perfect photo of a product or make a viral video, take a look at this video. If commercials are making you crave food, knowing these tricks will certainly make them less desirable. Seriously, sesame seeds glued on a bun!

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