Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Use Twitter to Discover 100 Companies with Gluten-Free Products

I just created this Twitter list of over 100 companies with gluten-free products. Follow the list to discover gluten-free restaurants, new products, magazines, books, and discounts. Thinking about creating a Twitter account for your company? Browse these companies for tips on interacting with the gluten-free community. If you would like your company added to the list, leave a comment here or tweet me @gfsocialmedia.


Andrea said...


Just wanted to ask you to add a company to the list. Schar is the european leader in gluten-free food, and sells all over hte world, also in the USA and Canada.


GF Social Media said...

I would be happy to add you to the list, but I couldn't find Schar on Twitter. What is your Twitter name? If you aren't on Twitter, it is great for gluten-free! By the way, I love your products!

GF Social Media said...

Oh, I just saw you on Twitter and added you to the list @drschaer

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