Thursday, May 27, 2010

Video: Gluten-Free Bisquick

Here is a great interview with a General Mills marketing manager, DyShaun Muhammad, discussing the new gluten-free Bisquick. It was filmed at the Celiac Disease Foundation conference recently held in Los Angeles by iamgf, who has posted several video interviews with gluten-free bakery owners.

Live Gluten Freely lists over 250 gluten-free products. Nearly 40,000 people now like their Facebook page, which is shocking considering on May 17 (only ten days ago), I tweeted that they had 19,000 people that like it.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Social Media Marketing Tips for Small Companies

When you are a small company trying to navigate the social media world, it can be overwhelming. The easiest option is to hire someone to do your social media marketing. The more time consuming option is to teach yourself. This Mashable article, 10 Small Business Social Media Marketing Tips, is excellent and a great starting place. The article offers both basic and advanced strategies. Below is an important tip for beginners.

"This means that having a consistent username across the various social networks is very important. At a minimum, if you haven’t registered your company name on the major networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.), you should do that today. For many small businesses, their user accounts on social networks will be the highest ranked pages in search results."

Setting up your company on social media sites is only the beginning. Actively and consistently maintaining the sites is an essential key to success.

*Note: For new gluten-free companies who are unfamiliar with gluten-free social media marketing, I highly recommend hiring a freelancer, like myself, who is already active in the gluten-free social media world.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Popular Gluten-Free Forums

In addition to great gluten-free social networking on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, there are many popular gluten-free forums. Whether you are new to eating gluten-free or an experienced gluten-free blogger, these are terrific resources for getting quick answers as well as sharing gluten-free recipes and other information. Leave a comment with you favorite gluten-free forum or share a smaller gluten-free forum not mentioned here.

Gluten-Free Faces Forum

SillyYaks Yahoo Group

Celiac Listserv

Delphi Celiac Disease On-line Support Group Forum Forum

GFCF Recipes Yahoo Group


Local Celiac and other GF Yahoo Groups

Food Allergy Kitchen Yahoo Group Celiac Disease Forum

Parents of Food Allergic Kids Support Forums (POFAK)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Gluten-Free Faces and GlutenFreeTravelSite Announce New Partnership

The popular gluten-free social networking site, Gluten-Free Faces, has joined forces with GlutenFreeTravelSite, an extensive database of gluten-free reviews. Now, members of Gluten-Free Faces can easily access all of the dining and travel reviews on GlutenFreeTravelSite simply by clicking “gluten-free maps” and entering a search zip code or city.

If you aren’t a member of Gluten-Free Faces, you can still access the reviews through GlutenFreeTravelSite. Remember, to submit your own reviews to help make travel easier for everyone who eats gluten-free. There are over 4,000 members of Gluten-Free Faces. Are you one of them?
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