Monday, April 26, 2010

Video: Mac and Cheese Taste Test on the Today Show

Phil Lempert, the Supermarket Guru and Food Trends Editor at the Today Show, mentioned celiac disease and included a gluten-free and dairy-free macaroni and cheese in a segment with many mainstream gluten products. Amy's new gluten-free and non-dairy rice macaroni and cheese is featured at the end of this Today Show video.

Watch Phil's Hit and Misses weekly on ABC and on his website. Last week, he rated Orgran Mini Outback Animals Vanilla highly. From General Mills to major television networks, gluten-free products are going mainstream!

"If you would like Phil to consider your new product for review, please send 4 samples of each flavor you to submit for review, with the suggested retail price and other product information. We regret that we can not review all products submitted. Please send to:

New Product Review
3015 Main Street, Suite 320
Santa Monica, CA 90405

Product reviews are conducted by randomly selecting one flavor of a product and taking into consideration the information available on the package itself as it would appear in the retail environment. Information contained in advertisements or on websites is not taken into account for evaluation or ratings.

Email with any questions and whenever possible please be environmentally friendly when packaging your products."

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