Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Are Gluten-Free Consumers Deprived of Good Tasting Products?

Fortunately, there are so many great gluten-free products and gluten-free replacements for almost every gluten food. There are breads, pasta, waffles, and many more foods that taste like gluten. Some are also free of many allergens. So why do companies making new gluten-free products still feel the need to put in press releases or on their website something about gluten-free consumers being deprived of products and that finally they have something to make life better? With gluten-free bakeries across the country, clearly gluten-free consumers aren’t deprived!

Now, I am not talking about one company in particular. I see this often. Even the companies that don’t do this, have slogans about their products being delicious or tasting good. Is that still original? Does that set their products apart from others? Does General Mills need to put on the front of a box below a product that is newly labeled gluten-free that it has the “same great taste”? How do we get rid of this old concept that gluten-free tastes bad?

I think in this market for a gluten-free product to survive it needs to be unique, great-tasting, and affordable. Tell me why I should buy your product. Is it made from healthy ingredients? Is it free of other allergens? How is it different from your competitors? Read some gluten-free blogs, tweets, and Facebook updates to find out what gluten-free consumers want. Don’t market your product by telling me that I am deprived or that my diet is a burden!


Sylvia said...

It really depends where in the universe you are. Here in NZ there's a lot of stuff, and particularly bread, that advertises it has great taste and it still comes out like bricks that taste like cardboard. Fortunately there are a few brands that taste good but not all of them are available nationwide.
Most frustrating.

Another product here where "great taste" is extemely debatable is breakfast cereals. Just in the 3 years I have been diagnosed a heap of much tastier ones have come on to the market but the same boxes of cardboard tasting cereals or cereals with very little to recommend themselves as a "healthy" start to the day are still clogging up the shelves as well.

Anonymous said...

Yes, there are a lot of GF products that leave something to be desired...but the same is true of every food category.

I founded Moondance Desserts when I was diagnosed as gluten intolerant but still wanted great desserts. I really think our products are gourmet quality. We're in a lot of stores and getting into new ones every day.

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