Sunday, June 5, 2011

6 Easy Tips to Improve Your Social Media Marketing

Gail Goodman, the CEO of Constant Contact, shared great social media marketing tips in a recent article on Entrepreneur. In Six Quick-Hit Marketing Ideas for Social Media, Goodman shows how easy it is to “spice up your year-long marketing campaign without investing a lot of time and resources.” From discussing current events to thanking customers, these simple tasks can have a big impact.   
You don't always have to ask customers for their business. Sometimes, you'll want to give back. You can do so by providing knowledge and insights in the form of how-to guides, white papers, service giveaways or some other limited-edition offer.” 

Are you looking for examples from gluten-free companies of how to give back to your customers? Jules Speaks Gluten Free is an excellent example of incorporating how-to guides in blog posts. Visit Marion’s Smart Delights for a terrific white paper. How do you give back to your customers?


Mike Eberhart said...

Thanks for the tips. I keep reading about how to best leverage social media with regards to marketing and the like, but, I still do not see it leading to substantial sales increases.

In particular, I have a rather popular Gluten-Free Blog filled with recipes, product reviews, and more... and, it gets a lot of traffic. But, I am not seeing many "click throughs" over to my Gluten-Free Desserts Book sale site. Now, I do not "push" the book very hard on the blog aside from showing a picture of it with a link... should I be making that link more "obvious" or more substantial? When people do come to my book site, they like what they see... but, perhaps it is a matter of making it obvious that there is a book for sale (on the blog), and doing so in a way that is not too overpowering; I just do not know the best way to handle. Any thoughts?

By contrast, the Gluten-Free Cooking School has promoted our cookbook quite successfully with very direct marketing. Is that the way to go? I think sometimes I let my dislike of "too much marketing" stop me from presenting our product properly. I will continue to post blog entries with recipes, reviews, etc (as your article mentions as "providing knowledge"), but clearly I need to also focus on some of that limited-edition offers, etc.

GF Social Media said...

Hi Mike,

I am very familiar with your blog and great celiac news feed. Are you on Twitter? I find that the best way to connect with the gluten-free community. On Twitter, the general rule is only about 10% self-promotion and the rest sharing quality information. Perhaps the same can apply to your blog. I know there are now so many gluten-free bloggers with books, that it may be helpful to look at other blogs. Have you considered a blog redesign? With the new blogger templates, you can easily add tabs at the top of the blog and change the colors. Good luck!

Mike Eberhart said...

GF media,
No, I am not on Twitter yet, but just the fact you ask and mention it has me ready to sign up for it. I guess I just need to get comfortable with this new world of "tweets" and such. Blogging was easy for me... it went well with my book-writing background. Tweeting and FB posts challenge me (I find it hard to write anything in just a couple hundred characters). But, time to learn.

As for the newer blogger templates, I have looked at them. I do have custom imagery at the top of my blog (have for a long time). But, I will look into freshening it up a bit now, especially with modern-browsers finally being mainstream.


GF Social Media said...


This post will help you with Twitter. If you are trying to decide between twitter and facebook, I recommend twitter!

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