Monday, March 8, 2010

Easily Create a Gluten-Free Blog with Tumblr

According to a post today on Mashable, Tumblr is thriving. Mashable describes Tumblr as “one of the simplest blogging platforms around”. It is considered to be easier to use than WordPress. Tumblr has 15,000 new users each day and had over 1 million page views in February. Recently, Tumblr added a new feature so that users can add static pages (create several header tabs), which is something that is still difficult to do in Blogger.

Browse the Tumblr directory to see gluten-free blogs. Gluten-free and the City and Celebrate with Cake are great examples of Tumblr blogs. If you want to choose Tumblr for your blogging needs, register here. For more blogging information, read “Top 10 Blogging Tips”.

Get answers to your blogging questions and share tips by leaving a comment here, joining the Gluten-Free Faces Bloggers Group, and becoming a fan of the Gluten-Free Social Media Tips Facebook Fan Page.

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